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Labradorite is a Semi Precious Stones. Decorium keeps most stones in stock including Labradorite Semi Precious Stones tiles, Labradorite Semi Precious Stones slabs, Labradorite floor tiles and Labradorite wall tiles in stock, ranging from dark to light we have all you need including popular Labradorite stone and many more. Get a quote today for Labradorite stone to your specified size today. Calculate your Labradorite kitchen worktop INSTANTLY here! You name it we have it! Call us today on 0208 43 88 222 to get a quotation.


Labradorite Semi Precious Stones

Kitchen Worktop Quotation

We have a worktop calculator giving you an idea of the cost. Don't forget you can also call us on 0208 43 88 222 to get your instant worktop quotation.

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  • Labradorite 305 x 305
  • Labradorite 406 x 406
  • Labradorite 457 x 457
  • Labradorite 305 x 610
  • Labradorite 406 x 610
  • Labradorite 610 x 610
  • Labradorite Slabcut

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Quotation System

* All sizes are in millimeters. We usually stock slabs for most stones. Please call us to check if we have the size you are looking for.


You can find Labradorite tiles, Labradorite wall tiles, Labradorite floor tiles and almost always Labradorite slab in Decorium. We love Labradorite stone and keep a level of stock in our warehouse. We laser cut Labradorite in our factory to your specification. You can buy Labradorite cheaper than anywhere else right here at Decorium. Labradorite kitchen worktops are all cut at our factory and delivered by our experienced staff. You can be sure to find Labradorite natural stone in stock. Call us today on 0208 43 88 222 and speak to one of our team members.